Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy A New Concept Of Exchange Market

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Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy A New Concept Of Exchange Market


DT Ltd, is an abbreviation for DT Network Ltd. The company is based in London and is the owner of the trademark and business project. The founder is Italian, and he has chosen London as its registered office, in agreement with the financial partners that will enter the company.
The team of professionals working with the founder is made up of computer experts, economists, lawyers and analysts. This team is an essential and indispensable element of the entire business project. Thanks to this Team, it was possible to test, each one for their own competences, sustainability, legality in the industry, building an effective economic model for secure starting in the virtual currencies sector.
Ordinary operations are entrusted to a DT Network srl Italian company with a contract for secretarial, administration and treasury services. This company has its registered office at the same place of residence of the founder and creator of the business project. This allows a daily and direct control of activities.
In June 2017, DT Ltd opened an operating headquarters in New Delhi (India) for business development in Asian countries and for the implementation, development and management of IT systems.



The present historical, economic and social moment, sees the eyes of the entire world population pointing to the world of virtual currencies. This steadily expanding industry, however, is not without risks. Although it is easy to get involved by the emotional wave of all operators in the industry, we deem it important to have a detailed analysis of the characteristic elements of the reference market. The analysis, which is summarized in the following pages and shared with the reader, leads the company to look at new business models that represent the natural evolution and development of the industry , with the undoubted advantages to be the first in the world to recognize innovations. The idea of a new concept of virtual currencies is born as a solution for millions of people in the world who, approaching the virtual currency, seek not only speculation but solution to an existing problem in everyday life, that is, the solution to a discomfort real. An easy-to-understand and useable tool that represents the answer to all peoples in the world that are searching for a solution , regardless of their skills and knowledge, minimizing the risks arising from the use of today’s overly complex systems, Volatile, unstable and ineffective. So DT Coin is born, a virtual currency that is based on real products.


Let us know and analyze it together:

As mentioned, the look and attention of millions of people in the world, is addressed to the Crytocurrencies industry as an opportunity for many to gain profits by leveraging valuable value swings. First of all the BitCoin which is the first Cryptocurrency in the world, born in 2009 thanks to the intuition and invention of anonymous and unknown authors, who first invented and used the technology for the issuing and circulation of this Cryptocurrency, giving the start at an unprecedented phenomenon of spontaneous growth of the market value. This brought the Bitcoin from its initial value of only $ 0.01, at the current value of $ 2,800.00. Many have trusted the Bitcoin since its birth and now these have become millionaires. Today, many people who lost this opportunity, is now dreaming to replicate the phenomenon.
In recent years, are born many currencies inspired by the Bitcoin and its technology (about 800 today, growing numbers). Born also numerous companies that base their business model on the deployment of new virtual coins.
However, we think that is dutiful and necessary, above all with who don’t have the ability or knowledge to enter without risk in a world where the uncontrolled growth is ruled by chaos, to explaine to them exactly what are Cryptocurrencies and the risk people have using these. Often somebody spread false or misleading information, such as the very definition of Cryptocurrency. So many confuse being or not being a cryptocurrency with being or not being included in the Coinmarketcap (a web platform that shows the valorization and exchanges made with a virtual currency). in fact, the word cryptocurrency identifies the encryption technology used to ensure anonymity for the owner and transfers from one owner to another owner. A cryptocurrency may be such that, even without being inserted into Coinmarketcap.




BitCoin, the first to start the Coinmarketcap has been tremendous success and is the only really spendable
Ethereum and other 4/5 coins, that is, those that have entered immediatelly after Bitcoin in the market, are starting to be successful but
nothing comparable to the Bit Coin
Today there are about 800 coins in the Coinmarketcap, of which only the top 10 exchanged in the major platforms
Only the top 10 generate the volumes needed to ensure an easy sale or conversion in FIAT currencies (dollars, euros, etc.)
All the others are hardly or never monetizable and of course are not usable in shopping
The market is mainly driven by Traders who take advantage of mass input to generate profit
Value drops a lot when traders monetize their profits by selling coins to a certain growth value
The redeemable currency conversion is subject to very high commissions in some payment and exchange processors
None of these currencies is based on the real exchange of assets and therefore the valuation is only the effect of a speculative bubble
None has a real intrinsic value
None of the companies that operate with business models related to their currency distribution have real chance of success since the exchange volumes are concentrated to 99% on the first 3/5 Coinmarketcap coins
Only Bitcoin has a credible success as it is the first, creating a state of hegemony on all the other
Bitcoin itself is not 100% easy to monetize or spendable and subject to commissions and costs
The extraction of new Bitcoin coins has reached difficulties and costs not sustainable by the mass
The release of new Bitcoins expected in the short run and made mandatory by the outdated initial volume expected, will cause an uncontrolled inflation and collapse of the reference markets by dragging all the other coins in the Cryptomarket as most can only be convertible through Bitcoin.




Explosion of a financial bubble as happened in 1999 with Nasdaq Market, in which the victims will be predominantly small non-trader professional savers; Professional traders know when to leave the market and the consequent fall in value can cause massive money losting in the mass population;
In an attempt to emulate Bitcoin’s success, so many are pushed towards buying coins that do not actually generate trading volumes on the market and therefore the possessor is unable to monetize them easily and when they try to monetize, the coin Depreciates easily;
Too often personal needs lead to converting the possessed criptomoneta into spendable currency with a risk for the holder with possible selling in loss (assuming the criptomoneta can be converted quickly)
The constant and daily birth of new criptocurrencies will make the gap between Bitcoin (and the very first coins exchanged in the cryptomarket) and all the others increasingly evident;
Not being aided by real exchanges of goods but only by speculative phenomena, secondary cryptocurrencies do not have easy chances of
long-term expansion and growth
Information on the real exchange and spendability of secondary coins is often manipulative
At a time when the market is in turmoil, there is the constant emergence of “pseudo-experts in the industry” who, however, do not have the real skills, so at the first signs of loss, the value have a domino effect on uncontrolled panic because they haven’t tools and knowledge to handle the situation
As in any innovation, only the first to ride innovation have real chance of success and the coinmarketcap is now overwhelmed by the bad copyes of Bitcoin.





Management is independent of banks and governments
Their value is given by the confidence that the people put in a currency
Those who have the ability and expertise are able to get profits


The market is subject to significant value fluctuations in percentage
There is no full exchange and conversion in FIAT money
Non-traders are at a high risk of losing capital
The market is only driven by speculative logic that fuel a momentary enthusiasm but is not supported by a real exchange of assets or a
real intrinsic value
The information that is accessible to the mass population is chaotic, often manipulative and these are created only to convince that a coin is better than the others, without taking care that only very few, the first to start in the market, have volumes and guarantees to support conversion in FIAT money, by the mass of people
Their conversion is subject to costs and commissions or exchange rate risk that may have a significant impact on them.




DT ltd, creating the DT Coin, is one of the first companies in the world to be involved in the realization of a new concept of virtual currency dedicated to a new coin-market concept, which can be easily used by the entire world population. A new coin-market not subject only to speculative logic. There is in fact the need to create a virtual currency that is representative of a real asset that allows a constant increase in price, easy conversion and spendability, and that it maintains the characteristics of not to be subject to bank management.
The DT Coin is the first virtual coin representing certified diamonds that make the coin a carrier that is representative of a real asset; this allows price growth on the basis of safer business policies and not just purely speculative effects. DT Coin is therefore not a financial instrument, not a right to a fixed income and the profit for the holder. The profit is determined by the increase in the selling price of the currency on the reference market.
The DT Coin for its features is therefore the ideal tool to create a spending system where it is possible to actually and concretely exchange DT Coin and products across all the stores on the planet and at the same time it will make it easy and immediate to exchange with Fiat currency (current currency) generating a profit to the owner at the time of his sale.
The DT Coin thus conceived allows for free exchange between private individuals without fees and free transfer between private individuals at no cost. Keeping the same security standards dictated by encryption to define the uniqueness of the exchange and ownership of the coin.

The issuance of DT Coin is managed by a proprietary algorithm locked at 10 billion DT Coin. DT Coin extraction from algorithm and his attribution in buyers’ wallets, is centrally managed because its open source mining process can not be implemented due to its features as it would lose title attributes to the bearer of a real good.




For a capillary and rapid distribution of DT Coin in all the world, a business model based on Network Marketing has been adopted. By adopting an extremely simple and effective remuneration plan, the company intends to give anyone the opportunity to act as Promoter by obtaining a legal and merit-based gains, commensurate with their commitment to direct distribution or the construction and management of their own Team of distribution.




Bit Coin taught us how important it is to believe in a new virtual coin since its very first moment of life: introduced in 2009 without any guarantee, the Bit Coin has seen its value rising 280,000 times in only 7 years; It means for some to have turned a single dollar into over $ 280,000 in just 7 years.

An unrepeatable phenomenon? Surely!
Especially when 95% of the volumes generated in the coinmarketcap are referenced to Bitcoin and first 4, and the remaining coins on the market are therefore destined for the remainder of the volumes (approximately 800 coins share 5% Total market).
The best chance to be able to significant results that might even be similar to Bitcoin’s success, is to find the opportunity to be the first in a new market concept that is precisely the market where the DT Coin is going to be activated thanks to its features.
While we can’t offer a mathematical certainty of the result that only time may be able to give, by ethics and correctness, it is therefore right
to focus on those distinctive elements that DT COIN offers today.




We are going to a new concept of market capitalization, a forced capitalization market: a new exchange solution under studying since 2013, where the price of the coin is forced into its growth through the application of a platform management algorithm. This allows each coin holder the possibility to realize A profit from its sale. The profit is commensurate with the time of holding the coin and at the time of the sale. This new concept of the market is conceived as a solution to the needs of all those people in the world who need to use a secure tool and an exchange safe from valuation risks above all, that is easily allows monetization of the virtual currency. The platform therefore wants to be an alternative to the coinmarketcap where the price of a coin is determined solely by demand and supply and hence the price is variable both in positive and negative over time. For the logic described above, only virtual coins based on a real asset can be accepted to the forced capitalization market. this representing an evolution in the concept of virtual currency and market place. The platform, already closed-circuit operation, will be open to the public by September 2017 after four years of study in which mathematicians and economists intervened to enable the perfect work and function of the platform. Representing a solution to a problem that invests most of the world’s population is the best guarantee of rapid conversion of the coin, as the willing counterpart is always ready to buy. DT Coin, for its features, has been selected as the first virtual currency to access the system.




By purchasing the Pack through the distribution network, you acquire the right of option on a given amount of coins each of which is representative of a diamond’s portion. The coins optioned with the pack are extracted from the total quantity previewed on algorithm, through a centralized process management. The coins extracted are attributed to the “wallets” of the individual holders proportionally. Verifying your wallet is allowed through access to your private area of the company website . The pricing of the DT Coin is carried out according to the common market logic, basis of the demand.
The purchase of the pack is subordinated to customer registration on the platform that will automatically activate the customer’s account and wallets that will be accessible only by the user. The registration in the account and the opening of the account is totally free and does not include management costs. After registration, the customer can access the shop and select the chosen pack, proceeding with the purchase.
We invite you to choose the Pack according to your real needs and possibilities.
NB: Buying a Pack should never be confused with an investment.




Certainly when you trust the birth of a new business project, you go to talk about it with your friends. This process is the best advertising for a new business reality.

DT Ltd wants to give a work opportunity to all those who will help to make DT Coin knowed, and to increase company revenue. DT Ltd wants to give a profit proportionate to its commitment in advertising.
That’s why DT Ltd has put in place a remuneration plan that is certainly appealing, so that everyone who is active as promoters in DT Ltd and
know how to open up new frontiers and markets, will gets the right recognition from the company.

A simple and meritocratic compensation plan, proportionate to their commitment and ability to create a group.
In line with the roles governing the distribution model, each one can act as a Promoter without any obligation to purchase and can start to having gain in proportion to its commitment to distribution. The compensation plan is designed to be meritocratic (more work you do, more gain you have) and every career level envisaged in the plan can be reached by any promoter even without buying a product that could be
purchased with a part of gain. Everyone can then overcome his career sponsor and gain, according to his abilities and commitment.




With the sign up for free, you are already active as a promoter. Distribution-related bonuses are verifiable in real time by
accessing their site’s reserved area.


Legal note

Diamond is not a financial product and does not give from any interest or financial income of any kind. Instead, it is treated fiscally as private product of consumption, so the price increase is not subject to capital gains. The sale of the same is subject to ordinary tax rules just in the case of the exercise of the sale activity as primary business.

For this reason DT Ltd does not want any confusion between its technological and commercial activity and the typical
financial management.

Each person is strictly bound to emphasize the above-mentioned aspects to anyone interested in buying DT Coin.
The words “investment” / “invest”/ “interest” or “financial income” and similar are not suitable and therefore banned in the
promotion of DT Coin which is a commercial product.


Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy A New Concept Of Exchange Market