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ATS Sharing Ltd

A close-knit group of people with years of shared experiences, dreams achieved but also broken, hopes never lost and renewed. A group of people who believes it is always possible to climb one more step on the ladder of Life. This is the people ATS is founded on. The company has been launched on the market by a person who is considered a guide by the employees: Virgilio Degiovanni.

The CFX WALLET will be given to all Ambassadors of ATS – Today, this means more than 80,000 registered users.

CFX Quantum brings a disruptive ecosystem for investors based on Quantum and blockchain technology

About CFX Quantum

CFX Quantum was born after more than 30 years in financial analysis and management. During his career, founder and CEO, Marco Mottana, has received extensive recognition and awards from the financial community, where he has achieved a strong reputation through many years of constant effort. The latest “Quantum” evolution takes the project to new heights in potential results.

What makes CFX unique ?

  1. The CFX sharing ecosystem, in which the average investor can be involved and get easy access to maximum results for the lowest possible risk.
  2. Pre-quantum powered technology through an exclusive agreement with Fujitsu corp., Japan, and a University research team.
  3. A well-tested approach to managing markets with low or near-zero risk levels.

Each person in our Token holders community, who takes part in our no-hassle referral system, will be able to download a state-of-the-art wallet-exchange on mobile.

With a click, you will be able to exchange all major cryptocurrencies between one another and with fiat funds. With another click, you can then buy CFXQ tokens and access “ZEROONE,” the exclusive system that allows you to get monthly returns with almost no risk, taking advantage of the latest advantages of pre-quantum technology.

In real time, you will be able to send links to all your social contacts, gaining impressive rewards with very limited effort.


CFX strongly believes that the new Fintech era will take to a completely different way to approach investments.
Finance can bring what is needed to everybody, even the poorest in the world.
CFX will give a precious contribution to make this happen, in full association with our followers.

Vision – CFX 3+1 System beliefs

Everything at your fingertips

CFX Quantum brings you a Wallet and Exchange where the user can BUY, STORE, or EXCHANGE Crypto and CFXQ Token with a few clicks using fiat currency andcredit/debit card.

All the functionality to send and receive and control the value of a portfolio of major cryptos, the CFQX Token, and a special credit token for the Ambassadors of ATS Sharing co.

The wallet has the most modern security requirements for mobile, fingerprint and pin access, and private keys are not stored within the app, so losing the phone or a hack will not harm your account.

From here, you can refer others, have the support of CFX Quantum, and access all services, including ZEROONE and CFX Finance, the fiat trading company.

Nearby developments include the management of a debit card directly from the app and a link to other investment and banking services.

ZEROONE a Revolutionary Concept with Fujitsu Digital Annealer

CFX Quantum, cooperating with a University research center, has created a mathematical formula for the Digital Annealer Chip to allow arbitrage trading in cryptocurrencies and other assets.

The light speed calculations and transmission of orders creates a unique opportunity.

Zero loss trading with a 1% fixed monthly return.

How can this be possible? The same assets are bought and sold at the same time on different markets, gaining small percentages every time. This technique is widely used by brokers and exchanges, but the speed of the pre-quantum chip allows for unprecedented results.
This is a complete revolution that CFX Quantum will launch immediately after the listing of the CFXQ token.

It should be noted that “zero risk” is a way of saying “the lowest possible risk,” as there is no way to have truly zero risk on anything in the real world!

Ambassador Independent CFXQ ATS Trading System

Sharing by Referral

CFX Quantum will reach with its wallet and services an impressive number of non-expert users through referral marketing. This will be carried out by the ATS Sharing external top management team, with a proven outstanding track record.

The field team is already preparing for the official launch for September 30th, 2020, immediately after listing of the CFXQ Token.

Over 80,000 people have already onboarded to start sharing with all their social media and WhatsApp contacts.


Sharing for Everyone. Everywhere.

Nobody is here to sell anything. Nobody is here to persuade anybody. We are here to offer you a Gift! We are here to prove a point and to show our Sharing Project. It is easy. It is beautiful. And anyone can do it!

Always Free

You don’t have to pay anything to sign in. Nor to stay with us! If you want a product, you can buy it at the best price. You will never have to buy things you do not want or do not need! We are FREE. And proud of it!   


It is much more than a standard Card! It is multicurrency: it allows you to manage multiple IBANs, for multiple currencies, change currencies in real time and pay with the one you prefer. It gives you access to a privileged group that will enjoy greater and greater benefits on every purchase! You can order it now at the price of realization: 20 euros in this launch phase!  

Great Benefits with our Pre-paid Card

You can get immediately our Pre-paid Card at the price of the realization. And you can use it everywhere for any purchase! It will give you extraordinary bonuses for your referrals and for those of all your friends!  


ATS was born for a mission conceived 25 years ago and pursued until today: the Redistribution of Profit. The ever-growing gap between the upper, middle and lower-middle classes, creates enormous difficulties to hundreds of millions of people. This happens only because a very small group (2% of the population) holds the largest part of the world’s wealth and holds all profits instead of leaving a small part to others. ATS has an innovative, transparent system, easy to understand and apply, so that these disparities will not happen within its Community. The system is conceived to give benefits to everyone, not just the lucky few.

ATS iStore E-commerce 10.000 produce everything you need, pay with ATS DEBIT CARD MASTERCARD, CREDITIS ATS, TOKEN CFXQ


Sharing. Always. With Everybody.

Those who join the ATS Community want to share with others all the good, useful or advantageous  things proposed by our project. Anyone can participate. You start by accepting a gift: € 100 of free Credits. And if you want, you can order the ATS Mastercard at the price of realization (€ 20). Then, you start your sharing activity by simply giving credits to people you want, and using your own social channels to spread the community. Credits are offered by the company. It’s easy: you do it whenever you want. And it can give really important benefits to all those who understand the team’s value.  

Free to participate. No obligation at all.

Anyone is free to participate in the ATS Sharing Community, without any payment to be made, for any reason: neither at the time of registration, nor after. Each registered member can request the Pre-paid Mastercard at the cost of the realization (€ 20). This card will give you many benefits, due both to its direct use and to the bonuses raising from your team using it.


ATS is conceived to spread out by giving, to whoever you want: 100€ of free credit value that every new member starts to virtually accumulate. He will be able to turn them into real assets according to the opportunities available at that moment. You can collect Credits thanks to personal sharing activities as well as those carried out by your team. You can start your team by directly inviting those who have decided to join the Community. Each one gives up part of their benefits to share them with the others, but in turn takes advantage of the value that the system produces. And the benefits can be very relevant. The example tables clarify it perfectly.

Now generate credits convertible into

Tokens CFX Quantum




Ambassador Independent CFXQ ATS Trading System